Day Two–Activity Level Low

Well, it’s only the second day of August, and today was not a very creative day. 😦 I did start the day with some writing while I ate breakfast, so I have accomplished my goal of doing something creative every day, but that was it. After breakfast, I picked up Mom from the service station where she brought her car, and the rest of the day was spent getting and learning smartphones. By the evening we were sitting in the same room working on our respective phones–trying to figure them out. We felt like the kids who chat with each other via text and computer while in the same room. (Yes, I’ve seen my nieces and nephews doing this.) Ah, yes, the twenty-first century intrudes on the time of the creative person. While I’m glad to have upgraded my phone, I will make a valiant attempt to turn it off regularly and interact with the people around me and create in the real world. In fact, I think I’ll pick up the blanket I’ve been crocheting and stitch a couple of rows before I go to bed.

What was your creative endeavor today? What are your plans for tomorrow?

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