Section Complete!

Yesterday I was creative, but not as much as I would have liked. Nonetheless, I did get some writing done before heading out to a party for a seven year old and thirteen year old. We celebrated my nephew’s “gotcha day” and my niece’s middle school graduation. A good time was had by all. Sometimes it’s creative just to be with people!

Today though was even more successful. After Mass, I came home and sat at the kitchen table hoping to eek out a few words, a paragraph or two, something to move the story along. Before I knew it, this section is complete! It feels so good. I know that this section of this story still needs revision at the least and at the worst will never make it into the whole, but I also knew that I needed to write it. I started it and couldn’t stop though it may not actually move my story forward. Nonetheless, I had to complete it, and I did! Yeah!

So, I went to the gym later than I wanted; as a result, I missed my hubby’s phone call inviting me to a bbq–but that’s okay. I got there late, but still had a great time with a completed story segment under my belt. And I even ordered printer ink so I can print out my completed story and send it in this week. Stay tuned for updates.

Meanwhile, tell me how you are doing? What’s creative in your life?

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