Create a Diversion!

The past few days have been rife with customer service calls as the Internet company thought we had cancelled our cable and, therefore, they were cancelling our Internet. Then as a board member of our co-op community I had to deal with issues between shareholders and the management company. I needed my creativity outlets to keep me calm, to keep me happy, to keep me in summer mode!!!

The story is still slow going, but since that last section finished, I have made changes and additions to previous sections. I think it may be time to start typing. Yes, that’s right. I still do most of my first drafts and first revisions in pen and ink. I like to get a journal or notebook and write right through it. This particular yellow notebook with muted green, white and grey polka dots is almost finished. Yet, that’s not actually my yardstick. I think I need to type up, revising as I go, the sections finished in order to know where to go next. Do you have a favorite method of writing first drafts? How do you decide when/where to go next?

In the past week, I’ve also been painting. I’ve been to art class three times in the week with hopes of going again on Saturday. The painting is finally beginning to look like…should I tell you?…okay, to look like a house, a particular house. There’s much left to do, but it is so great when I reach that point when the painting stops looking so flat and begins to come to life. Charlie, my teacher, has really helped me this week. Comments about the quality of the white or the technique of painting a little scene background before painting the foreground  which will obscure most of what was just painted have really moved me in the right direction. I can’t wait to finish it and share it with you!

Next up: I need to finish the drapes for the bedroom. You’ve seen them, but there’s another window! And always there’s crocheting. I always seem to be working on a blanket. They take me forever, but I don’t mind. The stitching is centering.

All this creativity helped keep me calm during those trying calls and emails this past week. How does creativity help you in your life?


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