Butt in Chair…

That’s what we need to give ourselves time for in order to keep on with the creativity. Today I had to take an unexpected trip into Manhattan, and most of my Manhattanite friends, like true Manhattanites, had fled the city for August.  So, I went to one of my favorite watering holes for lunch, sat at the bar, and took out my notebook. I made significant progress on my story. Not only did I finish some additions to an earlier section, I began a new section that I’ve been cogitating on for some time now. Today, because I gave myself some serious butt in chair time with minimal distractions, the story went from mind to paper. Is there more to do? Of course, but less than yesterday!

This leads me to a discussion I was having with another artist the other day about giving ourselves the space to create. Where do you create? What is your space like? My friend was commenting that too many women don’t give themselves the space to work, that too many women do their creations at the kitchen table after everyone else has been taken care of. Do you agree? And is the kitchen table a bad place? 

Virginia Woolf argued that women need “A Room of One’s Own” to create and to fully realize their potential. But today in a two bedroom apartment one cannot have both a studio and a man cave. I have a cabinet with my fabric, and I have my grandmother’s sewing machine, not to mention a desk which technically is for both of us, but in reality, only I use it.  But the desk is where I do the bills and grade papers. I find the kitchen table a good place to write–first drafts at least. 

I’d love to hear about your space. And I’m sure this is a topic I will be returning to in the future.


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