Bumps in the road

I had fully expected this post to be about the many faces of vacation and how we recharge our batteries. I had planned to share some nature photography and sketching. Then, something unexpected happened. On our second day of vacation during which we expected to be fairly active, I ended up in the hospital having an emergency appendectomy. Suddenly, our plans changed. While I was lucky enough to have the surgery laproscopically, I could no longer walk the length of the resort no less hike the mountains. My husband has been gallantly “pushing me around” in a wheelchair. And I find I need to rest, a lot.

So what about my creativity? I realize how much I take my health for granted. Right now, I cannot even take the computer out of the closet. But, if something is important to us, we can adjust. For example, I’m writing this on my Kindle. It’s slower, but it works. I can still crochet easily. And when I finally get over the anesthesia, writing and sketching will return.

I’m trying to remain positive. There are so many people who have worse or longer term conditions than I. Six weeks from now I should be back to normal, but by then, I’ll be back in the classroom with less time for personal creativity. I know I won’t finish the curtains this summer. And art class will be a challenge because I’m not supposed to lift anything, snd painting supplies are bulky and weighty. But I will try to make the best of my summer time left to create. I may just have to get creative to be creative.

What do you do when your creativity hits a bump in the road?

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