Winter in NYC

Winter in NYC…Monday we were dismissed early from school. The light was perfect when I got home, so I grabbed my camera and headed out to a little nature preserve near the house.

Let me back up. For the past few weeks I’ve been working every day–Saturdays and Sundays included–grading, prepping, creating exams as midterms approached. Monday morning I entered the last of the grades into the electronic gradebook as the snow fell on the city. Then, after I taught my fourth of five classes for the day, the call came in. It was time to go home. I was exhausted and ready to take a nap. But the light…the light was perfect.

And the snow. The heavy, packing snow hangs so beautifully on the trees. It’s terrible for the trees, I know. If the temperatures drop too precipitously, the trees can be damaged, sometimes beyond repair. But in those moments when the snow is falling and the light is right, the effect can be breathtaking. So off I went.

And I was not disappointed. My exhaustion was lifted by the beauty of nature. All we create can pale in comparison to nature’s simple adornments, but create we do in our attempts to emulate them. That’s what’s so enlivening about creativity. It connects us to our souls, to our humanity. And sometimes, my creativity simply records nature’s beauty because nothing can outdo Mother Nature herself.

I hope you enjoy a few photos of NYC (yes, this is the city, though not Manhattan) in winter.TreesNo SkatingThe Road Less Traveled ByToadstools

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