What’s Your Summer Project?

 I was listening to The Brian Lehrer Show this morning, and there was a short segment on “What’s Your Summer Project?” Listeners called in to share what they planned to achieve this summer. One man, a new farmer, was working on turning his manure into fuel; he was so intense and dedicated to his project and pushing for more people to join him so that we can radically reduce our impact on the environment. The show gave him the forum to share his enthusiasm. While I don’t really have any manure on hand in my two-bedroom apartment (thank goodness!), I do admire his enthusiasm. Interestingly, one of the reviewers on the show’s website thought the topic was silly and irrelevant. I have to disagree with that reviewer. I think goals are important. What the reviewer lists (cleaning, laundry, going to the doctor) are necessary, but are more like chores than goals. We all need to clean our homes or do our laundry–and sometimes when life gets crowded, the time to actually do so becomes precious–but our goals tap into something deeper, something more personal, something soulful. If anything, I thought the segment was too short. We all need encouragement to move outside the realm of the daily needs and pressures towards the enrichment of creativity. Hearing about other’s goals helps us to remain committed to our own. If I’ve done this right (and there’s no guarantee that I have), you can listen to the segment here and draw your own conclusion: The Brian Lehrer Show

Of course the segment made me think about my own summer goals. As usual, they are far too many to actually accomplish. And some are just too vague. “Write.” Yay! I should write every day. (And I started, yesterday, to do so…two days in a row so far–go me!) But I suspect I should be more specific. I am also continuing my myriad other creative interests. Perhaps if I were less of a Renaissance woman, I would accomplish more in one field, but my interests are too varied! I really enjoy many creative interests, and as these interests, unfortunately, are not income generating, why not enjoy them all I can!

Painting class will continue about once a week, but I also want to sketch more at home (or at least outside of class) this summer. My sketching needs work, and I need more confidence in my sketching. 

Summer, which for me is vacation time, also affords me the time to pursue other creative outlets that I don’t always have time for during the school year. I want to sew–both for the home and for myself. I plan on finishing the curtains I started last summer (one window done, one yet to do), and to make at least one dress.


I’ve also been baking and crocheting, and that will continue.

And the writing? I hope to finish a novel by the end of the summer. Should I set myself a word count goal each day? pages? time spent in chair? plot points? Fellow writers, I would like to hear from you about how you set your goals. And, do you accomplish them?

Stay tuned for updates. And share your goals and accomplishments.



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