Poem a Day

Writer’s Digest is hosting a Poem a Day Challenge for National Poetry Month. What a great idea! As I only found out about it today, I am already a day behind, but I have at least started. We’ll see how many I can do! Today’s theme is secrets. While I already have a couple of poems about secrets, I wrote a new one–feeling the challenge should get me writing, not just posting existing poems. Here’s my contribution:

Deadly Secret

He thought it was a secret.

He thought she didn’t know.

Hidden where she wouldn’t ferret

Out the things he did not show.

Yet when two in intimate

Living become so, so close,

Things hidden push the limit

Of that which we expose.

“Knowing” without knowing

She intuited the truth.

He blissfully ignoring

The odd taste in his vermouth.

Hold not secrets from your other,

Your better half, your spouse.

Be honest with your lover

And keep peace within your house.

Check out http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/2015-april-pad-challenge-day-2/comment-page-7#comment-3524760 for this and other submissions and to join the challenge!


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