PAD 5: Vegetables

Yes, I jumped a number. I realized I was numbering by the number of days I was in the PAD, but I started on day two. So here we are on day five, and I will use Writer’s Digest‘s numbers (not to mention the calendar). Today’s topic is vegetables. Really? Vegetables? Over breakfast at the diner after Easter Sunday Mass, Mom recommended beets; my husband suggested an ode to cauliflower. I told them I would let the ideas “stew” for a while. So here we are in the eleventh hour (literally), and I present to you my poem. After spending so much of my day making dinner, I thought of this–and let me tell you that I love to cook, and I love to make things that I know my guests will love and/or be impressed by. But, sometimes, it is nice just to open a jar.

Red Cabbage

That time when friends came over:

He wanted steak.

She’s a vegetarian.

So I cooked a steak and

Made three veggie sides.

Or, whenever we have another friend over,

I always make potatoes, usually


And roast turkey and rice pudding.

Other friends want something exotic:

Eggplant and chocolate,

Merguez, burek, brochette, fritule.

But today, for Easter, I made lamb-

Herb encrusted leg of lamb-

And opening the jar of red cabbage,

Just opening it and putting it in the microwave,

After half an hour of chopping

Garlic, parsley, rosemary, thyme,

And another twenty minutes of

Trimming the fat from the lamb,

And slicing the potatoes

And making the roue

And layering the onions with all the rest,

Just opening the jar of red cabbage

Was the most relaxing part of the prep.

A sigh of relief

That there was no more to do

And everyone would love it.

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