PAD 6: Things are not as they appear.

The first Monday of the challenge! Today is part of spring break for many teachers and students around the country, and as I am one of the former, I decided to muse on what a vacation is for teachers, or rather:

What it’s not…

Spring break-

A mythical time of

Fun in the sun,

No students,

No principals,

No work,


But for the teacher?

In these days of instant, constant


There are still emails.

“I don’t understand the assignment.”

“Can I use this website?”

“There will be a brief (read long) meeting after school

On the Monday we return.”

“I would like to visit your classroom

On Tuesday.”

There are also papers to grade; playing catch up

From the overbooked days of the school year.

There is planning to be done

For the rest of the year

That will come hurtling to a close

Sooner than we expect,

Sooner than we’re ready for.

And there are still the extra-curriculars that

Don’t stop when the classes do.

I could easily spend forty hours

During this “week off”


And yes, compared to my regular schedule,

This is a vacation.


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