PAD 7: Love/Anti-Love

Today is Two-fer Tuesday. The prompts today were a love poem, an anti-love poem, or a combination of the two (which seems to me to be a three-fer). I think this is ultimately a love poem, but perhaps it is a combination of the two. What do you think?

What is Love?

Love is a cliche.

It is hearts pounding.

Love sets your free,

And never makes you say you’re sorry.

Love is blind.

Love is all you need.

But, Love makes you wonder.

Will he call? Won’t he?

Should I say

I love you?

Will he?

Won’t he?

It is nervous energy,

Tingling all over,

Never sure where you stand,

But always wanting to be standing next to him, except

When you are.

No, that’s not love.

Love is an ocean wave

Dragging you under and making

You new, yet

Still the same.

You want to be together, and

Are fulfilled when you are.

You share.

You think of the other and

His needs and wants, but

Also your needs and wants.

You find common ground,

But still plant your own flags.

You find time to explore




You are two.

You are one.

You are love.

And sometimes,

You say, “I’m sorry.”


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