PAD 8: Dare

Today’s prompt is to write a dare poem. What do you dare to do? What do you wish you dared? Would you choose truth or dare? I dare to believe. Do you?

Do You Dare Believe?


Do you dare believe?

Believe in the One,

In a benevolent God,

In Love?

In the midst of terrorism,

Anger, hate, discrimination?

In the midst of personal


That is when it takes guts

To believe.

Do you dare believe?

Are you feisty?

Are you bold?

Are you courageous?

Then, believe.

Are you scared?

Are you broken?

Are you angry?

Then believe.

Believe in Love.

Believe in the Word.

Believe in a Plan-

Even when you can’t see

How it goes.

Be what you believe

God is.

Be loving.

Be forgiving.

Be proactive.

Be nurturing.

Be inclusive.

Be Love.

Do you dare believe?


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