PAD 10: How —-

Today’s prompt is to write a “How—-” poem. Start with How and finish the phrase as your title. Then, go. The idea can be a How to or a How did I get here or anything else that starts with How. I decided to be a little humorous about the whole PAD Challenge with my poem today. I hope you enjoy it.

How to Write a Poem a Day

Get up early.

Turn on the coffee pot.

Turn on the computer.

Wait while the ancient computer warms up.

Do some back exercises before

Sitting down at your desk.

Check the blog that delivers

Your prompt for the day.


Make a cup of coffee.

Feed the cat.

Take out a pencil and

A fresh pad of paper.

Doodle squares and curly-ques.

Get up from the desk;

Go to the gym to “work out”

Your ideas and your abs.

Come home; make lunch.

Fire up the computer, again.

Check Facebook. Check your email.

Read the prompt again.

Start to type “How to Write a Poem a Day”

Walk away when the computer freezes.

Do some laundry.

Call Mom.

Make plans for Sunday.

Get the mail.

Make more coffee while your ideas


Go to the grocery store.

Make dinner.

Watch TV.

Check Facebook again; check email again.

Send three emails; post two cat memes.

Feed the cat again.

Clean the litter box.

Notice that it is now 11:45pm.

Write the poem

And post it to the blog

With one minute to spare.


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