PAD 12: Damages

Today’s prompt is to write a damage poem. The prompt references physical damage as well as emotional damage, but what came to mind for me is the damage done to us by those things that are meant to be “good” for us, particularly medication. The long list of side effects litanied at the end of the Rx medication commercials testifies to this truth. Then, there is chemo, which destroys all in its path, not just the malignant cells, and then, I began to think about all the lives that have been prolonged through the use of insulin and the incredible strides that have been made in the field of diabetes management. Yet, management is not a cure. There are still countless side effects that change the lives of those burdened in ways we without diabetes cannot understand. So with this poem, I try to put into words what I know from being a friend, an aunt, a godmother to wonderful people who live with diabetes.


The sun shines warm upon the cold ground.

The seed awakens.

Nurtured by the warmth, it

Sends forth it shoots.

Tentatively, the green sprouts

Emerge from the brown soil.

Little leaves follow,

Chlorophyll filled wings,

Orchestrated to create food

For the whole organism.

And the sun shines.

The leaves drink in its light

And convert it to energy,

And the whole plant thrives.

And the sun shines.

And the sun shines.

And the sun shines.

Yet without balance, without rain,

The plant withers.

The sun which once created

The chemical reaction the plant

Depended upon for growth, for life,

Takes it away

As the searing heat poisons

The plant leaf by leaf.

That which once sustained,

Now destroys.

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