PAD 13: Confessional Poem

Today I wasn’t sure that I would make it. It is my first day back at work since the challenge started. Plus, I was having company tonight. But most of all, the prompt was tough–a confessional poem. In a sense, all poems are confessional, and yet, some aren’t. Hmm….What direction should I take? I thought of a humorous confessional poem, confessing something silly and inconsequential. Yet, I also thought, no, I should be more serious. What would I be okay with confessing? Or perhaps a poem about Confession, the Sacrament of Reconciliation. (That one may still be on its way.) All these directions left me speechless for much of today (in regard to the poem anyway). And then there’s this. I came up with a poem, but not a title. What do you think? Help me title my poem today.

Do I dare tell you a secret?

A secret from my soul,

Hidden away

Kept to myself,

Never to see the light of day

Never to color another’s view

Never to leech its toxin

Into our relationship.

What could such a secret be?

What could it do to us?

Change who you think I am,

Change who you see

Change who we are together.

But what if there is no secret?

What if this is who I am?

What if it is hidden so well

That even I don’t know it?


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