PAD 14: Honesty/Dishonesty

Today’s topic of honesty or dishonesty fit well with my teaching schedule as I spent 90 minutes with my seniors discussing plagiarism and examining examples thereof. Yet dishonesty is not the direction I went tonight when I was finally able to sit down and write my poem.


It is a bright sun-shiny day

That we all look forward too.

Everyone rejoices when the skies clear

And the warmth returns.

We all run to be outside,

To bask in its goodness,

To revel in its clarity,

To rejoice in its openness.

But by mid-afternoon the heat

Beats down.

We wilt under its scrutiny,

Grow irritable in its humidity,

Become snappish in its oppressiveness.

That same sun, that same brightness

Which we praised and extolled

Becomes the weight we decry.

We want to be children of the light

But we are afraid of what may be

Brought to light.

We need faith to remain



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