PAD 16: Science

Today’s prompt is science. But, today is also my father’s birthday, so I put these two ideas together into a poem that uses the terminology of science to describe what fathers do. Happy Birthday, Dad!

The Science of Fatherhood

How can one account for

The vast body of knowledge

One needs, accrues, and dispenses

Over a lifetime of fatherhood?

The rules and principles of study

Change day to day, week to week,

Year to year. Hopefully, they

Improve. And so, fathers assiduously study the

Structure and behavior of their

Natural and physical world.

Through observation and experimentation,

They respond to the reactions

Of the combination of elements

In the house—brother, sister, mother, aunt, grandpa, dog.

They neutralize the friction and

Strive to prevent a meltdown

Of the reactor core.

In a mutually beneficial system,

They adapt to the conditions

Of their environments and combine

With the other elements of their universe

To create harmony.


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