PAD 19: Authority

Today’s prompt is authority. While the first thing that popped into my head was John Mellencamp’s lyrics “I fight authority, authority always wins,” this prompt still proved a difficult one. There are so many different directions to take. I spent most of today putting grades into the online gradebook, so I guess that make me the authority handing down grades, but I would rather think of myself of the authority on literature, writing, or grammar. Grades are a by-product, a necessary evil. Well, with this poem, you can see where all this musing took me. I hope you like it.



The rules of grammar are clear:

Capitalize the beginning of a sentence;

Always capitalize the pronoun I;

Never use a double negative;

I before E…


Except after C.


What then?

Does an exception lessen the authority?

If a rule can be broken one way,

Can it be broken another?

What then is an authority?

Who decides?

A scholar becomes an authority

By citing other scholars.

So who was first?

Can anyone truly be

An authority on anything?


You can.

Yes, you are an authority.

You know more about one subject

Than any other human on the planet.

You know that subject intimately,

Whole-heartedly, completely

If you would just allow yourself

To accept it.

Yes, you are an authority

On you.

No exceptions.


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