PAD 20: My (Blank), the (Blank)

Today’s prompt is to fill in the blanks, and it was a tough one! I knew instantly I wanted to write about my VSC, very special cat, but how to do that was the question. I played with different forms and rhythms before settling on the rhythm and rhyme below. I hope you can understand why My Leo is so special to me.

My Leo, the Gift


A furry ball of black and white

A tuxedo cat, ready for the night.

Leo is a shelter cat

Who came to me in that room and sat.

The cat picks the owner they say.

And Leo picked me on that day.

At first, though he just hid.

When we got home, under the bed he slid.

For almost two weeks, he stayed there.

Afraid of this home, this sofa, this chair.

Only for food would he venture out,

And with too much noise, he would go without.

Then in 2001 on September 11,

Leo proved he was truly my gift from heaven.

I was teaching that day in NYC

Waiting till each girl could go home,

No reports did I hear or footage see

Till I came home that night to an apartment, alone.

But not alone, Leo ensured.

He jumped in my lap and purred,

And purred, and purred, and purred.

His presence there kept me moored.



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