PAD 1: Resistance

Yes, you read that title correctly, PAD 1. I didn’t learn of this challenge until April 2nd, and I have been vigilant in writing my poem-a-day every day since, but I have felt incomplete that I do not have a poem for April 1. So here it is. No fooling, April 1st’s prompt is resistance. I have thought for a few days about what I am most resistant to, and I think it is admitting my age. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is true of many, whether they are young and want to be older or older and want to be young. So, please excuse the two posts in one day as I catch up with the challenge.

Age Resistance

We live in a world of youth

All wanting to be older,

And the elders

All wanting to be younger.

Little girls correct their moms,

“I’m ten and a half.”

Beauty creams cry,

“Age defying.”

Society has become resistant

To age–any age:

Young or old,

We wish to be other

Than what we are.

Like caterpillars looking at the sky

And butterflies pecking at the ground,

We resist the reality of what

We are now.

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