PAD 21: What You Are (Not)

Today being Tuesday, we are presented with another two-fer prompt (that I still see as a three-fer): “What you are/What you are not” (or both). I read the prompt and thought of “you,” but as I read the sample poem and some of the entries, I see that most interpret “you” as “I.” So, in true Two-fer Tuesday spirit, I did both in one poem by writing about two people together. Basic knitting terminology is needed here. The knit stitch is the smooth, right side of the fabric stitch; the purl is the stitch that keeps the bumpy part of the stitch in back, on the wrong side–or inside of a sweater. But when both stitches are worked on the same side, the knitter can create a pattern.


If I am a knit stitch,

You are the purl

Worked from the back of the fabric,

Keeping the knit all to one side.

You hide all my bumps on the wrong side,

So my right side is smooth.

You help me present a straight face

To the world.

Yet, together we do more.

When we combine the knit and the purl

On the right side,

Patterns and designs emerge.

You help keep me together,

And together we create.

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