PAD 26: Words Coined by Shakespeare

Yes, I’ve missed a few days, I know. I have been sick with bronchitis. But I pick up today with today’s prompt, take a word or two that was coined by Shakespeare, use it as the title of your poem, and go. I went a little bit farther than that as I sprinkled Shakespeare’s words throughout the poem. Can you find them?

As for the days I missed, I will do my best to make them up before the week (and the month) are over! Now, here’s to Shakespeare:

Ode to Shakespeare’s Words

I bet you can’t help but complete

This task; whether in premeditated swagger,

Or vaulting language, Shakespeare’s words

Cannot be avoided. What can I

A lowly poet, a blushing amateur add

To such a lexicon? Turn your eyeballs to

His fashionable gossip and find labels

To items and ideas as lackluster as skim milk,

As laughable as madcap, as lustrous as Olympian.

Such a majestic genius could dishearten and

Deafen later generations, yet instead his works

Continue to create amazement. Academe cannot help

But secure exposure to his genius and

Inspire countless generations to

Barefaced adoration,

Equivocal criticism,

Green-eyed envy,

And a select few

To monumental heights.

To monumental heights.

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