PAD 25: Across the Sea

Today I made up one of the days that I missed while I was sick. Saturday’s prompt was across the sea. As an English teacher and a woman who has a sister who has lived in England for many years, naturally that is where my thoughts flowed.

Across the Sea

Wistfully thinking of trips gone by,

Austen’s Chawton, Shakespeare’s Statford,

And London teems in my memory

The history, literature, fashion, and culture.

And a way that wends

To Chaucer’s Canterbury and Becket’s shrine.

Or head north to Cambridge:

A city that sparks with scholarship,

Rides green with bicycles, laughs heartily at pubs,

Strolls cheerfully toward Grantchester, for tea.

Further on is the Lake District, with rolling hills,

Limpid lakes, Wordsworth’s daffodils.

And there is Arthur’s Cornwall yet to be seen,

And the White Cliff’s of Dover, and Rye, and

Music’s home in Liverpool, and the Bronte’s

Yorkshire, and more, so much more.

But most of all, there’s family, calling me over,

Across the sea

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