PAD 27: Looking Back

Today’s prompt is looking back. And, looking back over the past year, I thought of all the time I spent lesson planning. Teachers, I am sure you can relate.

Lesson Planning

Do I need to read

This book, poem, essay

Again? I have taught it

Year after year. I have lesson

Plans, tests, quizzes, ideas-

Folders full of material. I will

Just look back over the notes. I will

Just skim a few pages…

Until hours have passed, and I

Am rereading it all over again,

And creating lessons anew because

I see a new angle; because

The class’s last discussion lead us

In a new direction; because

I wanted to try a new technique.

Whatever the reason, I, again,

Have spent hours when I could

Have reasonably spent minutes.

When will I learn to look back

And learn to work smarter?

Probably, never. Not until I stop

Learning myself. But sometimes,

I wish I could just use last year’s

Lesson plan.

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