PAD 24: A Moment

Another make-up poem from my sick days! Friday’s prompt was to write a moment poem; in light of the circumstances, I decided on a moment of exhaustion. (Excuse me now while I take a nap!)

An Inconsequential Thing


There is a moment coming,

A breaking point,

When the persona you’ve produced

Will fail,

And the carefully constructed

Facade you show to the world

Will crumble.

Too little sleep,

Too many demands

Will combine in a mountain

Of Exhaustion which

Will tumble

Into an abyss when

A pin drops,

A feather alights.

An inconsequential thing

Will be your moment.

You see it coming,

And you don’t want to be there

For that moment.

But, you have to

Just like you have to do

Everything else.

And somehow,

You will

Own it,

Make it your moment,

And move on

Or back

To the persona you’d been


That inconsequential thing.


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