PAD 29: What Nobody Knows

Today’s prompt is to write a poem about what nobody knows.


What nobody knows is

How magic happens. Where

Does it come from? When

Will it strike? With what

Intensity will it burn? How

Did it start? How do you

Harness it? But,

What everyone knows is

That magic is real.

You feel it; it crackles and shines

When love enters your life.

His kisses cast a spell, but there’s more.

Holding hands conjures warmth and safety.

Years later even simple pleasures,

As simple as watching TV together,

Continue to summon satisfaction.

This magic is electric, enchanting,

Otherworldly, and world building, but also

Subtle, and lasting, and



One thought on “PAD 29: What Nobody Knows

  1. What Do I Know

    Nobody knows everything we don’t know.
    This I know, that we won’t go where we haven’t chose.
    Nobody knows every blunder we happened to sow,
    But, we will know the thunder we brushed off into woes.


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