Nature’s Bounty

This morning I sat on my brother-in-law’s deck looking out on the koi pond, the green backyard bedecked with trees, and the bordering nature preserve. What beauty. What peace. I was not able to get to Mass this morning, but sitting there in the sunshine with a light breeze blowing and reading the day’s prayers and looking out on this serene scene filled me with peace. I cannot create a perfect moment, a beautiful summer day, a forest of trees, a song of birds, but I can be inspired by them. I hope you can be too. Let God, a Higher Power, the Spirit, whatever you call Him (Her), inspire you to create beauty.

The mourning dove coos his doleful song while

Pecking the seeds that have fallen beneath the feeder.

The woodpecker helps himself to a snack

Before flying to the tree for a bug or two.

Then, the yellow finch swoops in, flapping

His black and yellow wings, taking a nibble

Before fluttering away when

The bully jay arrives in his brilliant blue

To take possession of the feeder and

The seeds underneath.

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