Baseball Poetry

In honor of the season and the Mets…

A Haiku for Ruben

A dirty slide ends

His post season appearance—

Mets chase comeuppance.

(Written before the NLDS win;now, The Mets gain comeuppance.)20151012_203742


At the stadium

October air is juiced

With the fans’ ardor.


The loud guy with a bushy beard in need of a trim

And a mega-sized beer,

Who won’t sit down even when everyone else does,

Who yells obscenities at the opposing team,

Turns and smiles and

Gently high-fives

The little boy wearing the knitted cat-eared hat

After every single run.

At the Stadium

At the stadium

The air is full of light and sound

Bouncing off each other

Like the beach ball in the stands

Bouncing from fan to fan.

October air is different here—

Each molecule transforms

The casual observer into

A die-hard fan.


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