What Do You Do to Feel More Creative?

I came across this video today when a friend posted it to Facebook: What Do You Do to Feel More Creative? Take a gander before reading on. It runs for less than three minutes.

I found it very interesting listening to people who make their living on their creative powers discuss what they do to feel more creative. It made me think about my own creative interests, and how nice it would be to make a living out of them (or so I think). What do I do to feel more creative? I think my answer is varied. I agree with most of the individuals interviewed. Sometimes I need to get out–of the house, of my head, of my own way. Other times, I need to see the world from a different vantage point. But the view I agree with the most, and the least, is the need to break routine.

Breaking away from routine can spur creativity, but we also need routine to follow through on the inspiration. Even when I am run down or experiencing a “dry spell,” I find that I still manage to keep painting because I have a class that I go to every week. The routine keeps me going to the studio and putting paint on canvas or charcoal on paper. Sometimes we need to just power through the dry spell; routine helps one do that. I think that is why my writing, my first creative love, has taken a hit recently. My work, which I love, keeps me busy and involves much reading and writing, but that writing is commenting on student papers. When I get home, I am tired, and I don’t have a regular writing time or space. I need a routine to keep my own writing flowing.

And let’s not forget, without routine, there is nothing to break away from!

So, dear readers, what do you do to feel more creative?

Germinating Seeds


This showed up on my Facebook feed today. Katherine Neville  is so right, and not just for teen writers.  I’ve been derelict in my duties as a blogger lately, I know.  I’ve started several posts,  but abandoned them before clicking “publish.” If they felt trite, banal to me, then how much more so would they seem to you, my readers. I didn’t want to waste your time. Yet,  instead, I fear I did something worse, I neglected you. I’ve kept at my painting and drawing which is always a long term project; crochet, my fall back, easy craft, has been slow going; and my writing has been stop and go.Instead, I’ve feed my brain with light fare-fan fiction, pulp fiction, and blog posts. Let me try to make it up to you.

We all know about the winter blues, and when our mood is affected, so is our creativity. Yet, despite the snow in the air this morning, spring is on its way in. I noted with joy that there was light in the sky both when I left for work this morning and when I came home again this evening. Daylight has been creeping up on us little by little, and today I noticed. Next weekend when Daylight Savings Time rolls around, I may find myself in the dark again on my evening commute, but not for long! I am a teacher, so naturally, summer is my favorite season, but spring also has its advantages, and I am feeling them this year. Even though the temperatures have dropped again, and the winds have been fierce, there is something different about a 30° day in March than in January. Even when March comes in like a lion, we know that soon enough she will lay down with the lambs. That knowledge sustains us till it happens and the bloom is once again on the rose.

What does this meditation on weather have to do with creativity? I believe we all go through seasons in our creative lives as well. Sometimes it seems like the soil is barren; there is nothing growing in our brains, that we have lost our inspiration, yet like the seeds of winter, there is germination quietly happening. So, keep observing; keep jotting down notes; keep starting blog posts. All of a sudden, the light will be there. All of a sudden, the crocuses will be blooming even though you didn’t notice the green shoots poking through the cold ground. Trust in your creative power; it will return to you many fold.

Now I promise to click “publish” this time!