Observational Poetry

I was lucky enough this past week to have the opportunity to take my students to the One World Observatory in the new World Trade Center. Wednesday, March 9th arrived as a bright, clear day and rose to record breaking highs as we, too, rose to new heights. Thirty-two students and three teachers traveled down to the World Trade Center in cheerful spirit and then up to the 100th floor observation deck; all were excited about the field trip and the weather. Neither disappointed even though from the 100th floor the sky was much hazier than we could tell from the ground; nonetheless, we could still see the city laid out in front of us. Such a landscape should surely incite creativity, and just in case it did not naturally rise up, I gave my students a nudge in the creative direction. Their assignment was to take a photo (of course they were going to do this anyway), filter it to black and white, and then write a poem inspired by that photo. I collected their efforts today and am looking forward to reading them this weekend.

I thought it only right that I too complete the assignment, so here it is along with the photo that inspired it:

Shafts of Light

Shafts of light cast shadows in

An empty corridor, revealing

Ghosts of the past in the

Stillness of the present,

Amid empty benches reminding you

Of those no longer here—

Lonely spaces waiting

To be filled.

OWO Benches BW.jpg


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