PAD 29: Haphazard

Yesterday there was a problem with the Writer’s Digest site,  and I couldn’t get the prompt. Today,  I found out it was to write a haphzard poem.


Anytime he didn’t understand her,
He called her haphazard.
Her kind of organization baffled him
And so,  he tried to fix it,
Fix her,  with gifts of file cabinets and desk accessories,
Drawer organizers and shoe racks.
But she was stifled in his rigid boundaries and,
Could not think, could not write,
So she threw away the sock separators  and in boxes,
Painted stars on her fingers
And let the creativity flow out of her.

PAD 28: Important?

Today’s prompt is “Important (blank).”  I filled in the blank with a mere question mark. What is truly important in this world? And how do we know with all the voices competing for our attention. Look inside.




The news blares; the headlines screams,

Everyone tells you what to believe

Everyone tells you what is important.

How do you decide what is what?

Talking heads,

Political pundits,

Politicians of every stripe.

But on the micro level too, there are






Listen carefully,

Take their teachings,

Then hear your heart,

Know the way,

You will find

What is truly


PAD 26: How Do I Describe Our Love?

Tuesday’s prompt was another two-fer: write a love poem or an anti-love poem. Here’s one for my love.

How Do I Describe Our Love?

I need a new metaphor for love.
The old ones have either been
Done to perfection or
Hackneyed to death.
How do I describe our love?
The comfort and the excitement,
The surety it’s there,  even when we disagree,
How do I describe our love?
The unspoken understanding,
The voiced words of love,
Even the misunderstandings and how we work our way out of them.
How do I describe our love?
The way your hand finds mine under the covers
And our fingers intertwine
When you come home late from a long day of driving.

PAD 27: Take Off

Today’s prompt is to take off. Write a poem about any kind of take off.

Take Off


One artist mimics another,

Copies the masters to learn the trade.

Masterful imitation earns the appellation “in the style of”

A well-done model is an homage

But, claim it as one’s own and

It’s a forgery, and criminal,

A poorly done piece is a knock-off,

And most take-offs fail as travesty.

PAD 12: Serious Decision: Stay or Go?

I am finally making up for missing April 12th. The prompt is to write a serious poem or a silly poem. I think from the title you can tell that I went with serious.

Serious Decision: Stay or Go?


There is an exhilaration in a challenge,

But also a joy in the familiar.


A 4 handicap doesn’t give up golf

And take up tennis instead, but

A duffer may.

Or he may not. He may

Take lessons, keep practicing, getting

Better, little by little.

Yet, the 4 handicapper may

Switch courses, try a new

Venue and renew his excitement.

Or, perhaps he simply buys a new club

To create a different test in the known environment.


How much change is necessary

To keep the seasoned from becoming banal?

PAD 25: Exercise Your Right

Today’s prompt is to write an exercise poem. It could be any kind of exercise: physical,  mental, etc. Here I combine two different types in a simile. Enjoy. And as Nike days,  “Just do it.”

Exercise Your Right

Like the cardio and crunches we know we should do,
So many of us don’t do it.
And soon only the real fanatics control the machines
While the neophytes and lapsed participants
Are embarrassed and ashamed to enter,
Thinking they don’t know enough
About what needs their attention,
Thinking that what they do doesn’t really matter,
Thinking that they’ll get there next time,  and
As a nation we grow flabby
And distended
Til the radicals think the only solution
Is to cut away the excess,
Minimize choice,
And ostracized the weak.
Don’t let that happen:

PAD 24: Lost and Found

Today’s prompt is to write about something lost and found.

I lost my equilibrium
Waiting for you.
No call, no apology,
Just the expectation
That I would wait
And wouldn’t mind.

I put on a good face,
Smiled, and raised a glass of wine,
But my balance is still
Teetering between forgetting
The incident or the friendship.

I lost my equilibrium,
But I found my anger,
And until I can lose the latter,
I cannot regain the former.
And that I must do for myself.

PAD 22: Star Song

I missed yesterday’s poem. It was a long day at work, followed by a long night with friends. But, here I am to make it up. The prompt is to take the phrase “Star (Blank),” and fill in the blank. This is the title to the poem. Go. I was still mourning Prince as I wrote this poem, I think, though the tribute is less direct than Thursday’s poem.

Star Song


A new light glows

In the sky tonight.

The sun sets and

The sky reflects

Purples, raspberry, and mauve,

And the heavens reverberate

With the trepidation of the spheres

As this innovative entity joins

The ethereal, euphonious ensemble.


The day ends, but

The song never stops.

That, he left with us.

PAD 23: Identity

Today’s prompt is to write a footwear poem. First, I was surprised that the prompt has nothing to do with Shakespeare as today is the 400th anniversary of his death. Then, I started to think about the prompt itself. So many ideas flooded my mind at first that I didn’t know where to start. Eventually, though, I focused on the fact that I seem to so often buy shoes that are similar to ones I already own.



Yet another pair of black shoes.


In the store,

They seemed different, yet

Appropriate; Stylish yet

Comfortable; perfect for work, and

Classic for parties; they go

With everything.


But at home,

They look dowdy and

Boring; predictable and

Passé; the same as every other pair

Languishing under the bed; no one ever

Compliments your practical black shoes.


It’s time,

Time to donate them-

Sell them all on ebay-

And buy yourself one great pair

Of red heels, or

Purple platforms, or

Teal wingtips.


Step into your selfhood in style.



PAD 21: Tonight, Doves Cry

Today’s prompt is to respond to (or communicate with) another poem. In light of the death of Prince today, I chose his song “When Doves Cry” to respond to. Rest in peace, Prince.

Tonight, Doves Cry


The world is sadder tonight

As it rains purple tears.


How could you leave us standing here?


But not alone in the world.

You left us with your words, your music,

Your art.


Yet, we are not satisfied.

Perhaps we are too demanding, but

We wish you here instead of having

Joined that illustrious celestial band.