PAD 4: Going the Distance

Today’s prompt is to write a distance poem, but you are not restricted to physical distance. In light of the overflow of papers and projects awaiting assessment on my desk, I wrote a poem about teachers and the distance between the classroom and the sand.

Going the Distance


We’re trying to figure out

How many weeks left till


April, May, June: Twelve weeks.

And that still seems

Like a long time.

But much less than thirty-six,

Which is where we started.

And I think,

But still a full third to go.

The distance between now and then

Wavers and changes shape

Like the swirling time outside the Tardis.

With all there is to teach, to learn, to grade

There is not enough time.

The days roll swiftly by.

And yet, that same staggering summit of

Teaching, learning, grading,

Makes the summer seem so very far away.

The distance from this chair to the beach

Winds its way through curriculum maps

And mountains of papers always threatening to

Avalanche off my desk,

Leaving me clearing the debris before

We can march forward.



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