PAD 6: Harmony in Red?

Today’s prompt is to write an ekphrastic poem, that is a poem inspired by art. I have loved Henri Matisse’s work since I was a teenager. Today, I ruminated on his Harmony in Red.

Harmony in Red?


Sitting there in a red room

With the cool night outside your window,

Arranging fruits and centerpieces,

How can you be so calm?


The wine, red too, is decanted,

And the room is set

For the party to begin–

Red walls, red table, red chairs,

Red wine, red fruit, red flowers, and you,

A redhead.


The blue swirls and florals

Seem to dance off the walls in anticipation

While you with placid expression

Rearrange the fruit stand, undisturbed.


How can you not long to be outside

With the cool green grass, soft white trees, and

Serene blue skies?

Harmony in Red

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