PAD 8: Doodle

Today’s prompt is a doodle poem. What is a doodle poem, you ask? Good question. A doodle poem, it seems is a poem about doodles, you know, those little drawings you make on the side of the page when you are bored.

I thought I’d be clever and write my poem in the shape of a doodle. Clever, indeed, too clever for the likes of the submission box on the Writer’s Digest site. After working for far too long to try and fix the formatting, I thought, cleverly, I would just publish it correctly here and direct the WD readers to my blog. Alas and alack, copying and pasting from the word processing program to the WordPress site did not keep the formatting intact either. In my last act of cleverness, I took a picture of the screen with the poem correctly formatted an am posting that here. Enjoy my time-consuming doodle!

Reading instructions: Start at the “It” and spiral yourselves outwards to “hand.”



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