PAD 16: Savory Remembrance

Today is my father’s birthday. My dad was a wonderful man who would have turned 86 today. My mother, husband, and nephew went out to dinner tonight to celebrate my father and his special presence in our lives. As luck would have it, the prompt today is to write a poem about a restaurant. Buon Appetito!


Savory Remembrance


The blue and golden tones

Of Italian ceramic plates

Line the wall,

As do oil landscapes of

Tree-lined countrysides.

Amber hues of twilight

Create an endearing glow.

Elegant flowers, lightly fried

Filled with cheese and vegetables;

Broccoli rabe and escarole sautéd,

Rack of lamb roasted with mushrooms,

Red snapper grilled, lasagna bolognese,

Brunello di Montalcino.


Add in a personal touch,

Warm reception from servers

And owner that changes

The mood from lovely to



A night to commemorate

A special one

In all our lives:

Dad, Husband, Pop-pop, Father-in-law.

What we really need

Is each other, but

A special place to

Come together gives us

An amiable spot to share

Our memories.


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