PAD 18: Home Office

Today’s prompt is to write an office poem. Thinking about my desk at home and how it seems to spawn more and more paper, I wrote this poem about working from home.

Home Office


The stressful daily commute becomes

A well-worn path to the coffee machine,

And a diverting walk to the mail box and back,

And maybe a drive to the store for a few things.


The din of the new, open floor plan turns into

A still silence punctuated by bird calls and soft breezes

And the ticking clocks and the ringing of telemarketers,

And the clacking of talking heads on daytime TV.


Office politics, intrigue, and back biting subside into

Morning niceties, have a good day, please, and thank you,

And the occasional pitter-patter of little feet and child care requests,

And sometimes the cries and shrieks of childhood tantrums.


The haven, the refuge, the escape can devolve into

Another place of anxiety and dismay unless

You can psychically separate the office from the home.



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