PAD 23: Identity

Today’s prompt is to write a footwear poem. First, I was surprised that the prompt has nothing to do with Shakespeare as today is the 400th anniversary of his death. Then, I started to think about the prompt itself. So many ideas flooded my mind at first that I didn’t know where to start. Eventually, though, I focused on the fact that I seem to so often buy shoes that are similar to ones I already own.



Yet another pair of black shoes.


In the store,

They seemed different, yet

Appropriate; Stylish yet

Comfortable; perfect for work, and

Classic for parties; they go

With everything.


But at home,

They look dowdy and

Boring; predictable and

Passé; the same as every other pair

Languishing under the bed; no one ever

Compliments your practical black shoes.


It’s time,

Time to donate them-

Sell them all on ebay-

And buy yourself one great pair

Of red heels, or

Purple platforms, or

Teal wingtips.


Step into your selfhood in style.




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