PAD 25: Exercise Your Right

Today’s prompt is to write an exercise poem. It could be any kind of exercise: physical,  mental, etc. Here I combine two different types in a simile. Enjoy. And as Nike days,  “Just do it.”

Exercise Your Right

Like the cardio and crunches we know we should do,
So many of us don’t do it.
And soon only the real fanatics control the machines
While the neophytes and lapsed participants
Are embarrassed and ashamed to enter,
Thinking they don’t know enough
About what needs their attention,
Thinking that what they do doesn’t really matter,
Thinking that they’ll get there next time,  and
As a nation we grow flabby
And distended
Til the radicals think the only solution
Is to cut away the excess,
Minimize choice,
And ostracized the weak.
Don’t let that happen:

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