PAD 12: Serious Decision: Stay or Go?

I am finally making up for missing April 12th. The prompt is to write a serious poem or a silly poem. I think from the title you can tell that I went with serious.

Serious Decision: Stay or Go?


There is an exhilaration in a challenge,

But also a joy in the familiar.


A 4 handicap doesn’t give up golf

And take up tennis instead, but

A duffer may.

Or he may not. He may

Take lessons, keep practicing, getting

Better, little by little.

Yet, the 4 handicapper may

Switch courses, try a new

Venue and renew his excitement.

Or, perhaps he simply buys a new club

To create a different test in the known environment.


How much change is necessary

To keep the seasoned from becoming banal?


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