Titles, Facades, and Trivialities

Searching for inspiration today,  I turned to The Daily Post for today’s prompt: facade. Then I turned to a poem I had begun a month or so ago,  and kept working at it.  I’m not sure it’s  finished yet though.  For one thing,  I’m having trouble deciding on a title.  Some options are the following: Awe, Facade, Consumption, Occupy Us,  Trivialities, Reality.

Titles are like the facades of our writing. They are the first thing people see. The first words on which our efforts are judged. They set a tone and convey a message. They are the headlines in our blog feeds. Some are enigmatic; others are direct. Some are symbolic; others are metaphoric. I’ve think most writers would agree that we take them seriously. We angst over them. Sometimes they come easily; other times, like today, they are difficult to come by.

Yet what is funny is that I often have to remind my students to read the title of the pieces we read and study, especially the poetry. They want to dive right in–and finish as quickly as possible– so they miss the point in their rush. And then I ask, “What’s the title?” “Oh! Ah!” And as the saying goes, light dawns over Marblehead. Titles are important.

Here is the poem, as yet untitled:

Sometimes,  I am in awe

Of the trivialities

That occupy us. Yet sure,

These become realities

Of our passions and our

Lives,  distracting us day by

Day and even hour by hour.

We let things of import fly by

Without a glance or a

Thought.  We allow all of

This minutia to pour

Down and be things that move

Us in a frenzy. We

Permit the little things

To be what others see,

Pretend to live like kings

Over kingdoms of silly

Inconsequential points

When we should mount hilly

Fields, weighty with data points,

Converse, debate,  and try

To find meaningful depths instead of

Sugary facades of tantalizing

Gossip, name-calling, and clever memes.


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