Tonight I had dinner and drinks with friends and acquaintances from college (and their children), some of whom I hadn’t seen in 25 years. Wow. How great that was!

 We’d grown,  we’d lived, we’d loved, we’d lost. But what I learned tonight was manifold:

 1. There is an essential spirit in each of us.  Among like spirited people,  it is easily manifested. 

2. For some of us,  when we were young adults,  the confidence to take advantage of all our youth had to offer was sometimes lacking. 

3. While we can know this as adults,  we cannot rue it. Who we are now,  the life we love now would not exist without the past we have already lived. 

4. Better than reliving the past is living the present.

5. And living it with people with whom  you have shared experiences in the past can be wonderful if you focus on the present and the future instead of the past. 

6. The desire to create,  to build a better world, to share our experiences is born out of our lives, our involvement with those around us–our care. 

7. This desire is a good thing.  Whether it be a full time career or a part time hobby, we should take that path,  even when the blog posts tend towards long form in a  short form world. 

Keep living my friends,  life to the fullest with eyes and hearts turned towards all avenues of creativity. Small or large does not matter. Genuineness does.  Be real. Be innovative. Be visionary. And most importantly,  be friends.  


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