Tribute Poem

Recently, I participated in a prompt to write a poem about a news story of the past week. Of course, the news of celebrity deaths dominated the news on social media, but there was so much more that happened over the course of the week that social media seems to disregard. That is the focus of one of the two poems I wrote, but my preferred of the two I wrote is a tribute to the three celebrites we lost this past week: George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds.

This Christmas, They Left Us Their Hearts


George Michael sang a large part of

The soundtrack of my youth.

Carrie Fisher transported me

To a galaxy far, far away,

And showed a young me

A strong, beautiful woman

With power.

And then, shared her own demons

Speaking out about mental illness,

Trying to defeat the stigma,

And Debbie Reynolds was at her side

Fighting the world’s shame,

And at the same time,

Building a bridge from my generation

To that of my parents

As we watched Singing in the Rain


But “I gotta have faith”

That they have moved on

To another, better realm, but

Have left us their hearts

In the movies and songs.

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