Spring today, Snow tomorrow

Today it is 61 degrees in New York City,  in February,  and on my walk through the park,  the barrenness of the trees is at odds with the sunshine and temperature.  

It’s weird,  but I still took advantage of weather to take a longer walk through the park today. And I was not alone, though the picture below makes it seem that I almost was. 

The oddest thing about our spring February day is the weather report for tomorrow–8-12 inches of snow. Of course the metrologists are having a field day predicting all different scenarios,  but for me, I’ll enjoy the open fields of Central Park instead. 

We’ll wait and see what tomorrow brings. I’m convinced now that the snow won’t amount to much because they’ve already closed the NYC schools. I wasn’t actually looking for a snow day because if we don’t use them,  we’ll get a five day weekend in May. But I’ll take it; at least I can spend the day creating (and grading). As Robert Herrick says, “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.”


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