PAD 4: Two-fer Tuesday, A Beginning and/or Ending Poem

Today being Tuesday, we are offered two prompts, but as I’ve noted in the past, these are really three: either, or, both. Today’s choices are a beginning poem, an ending poem, or a beginning and ending poem. I started thinking about an interesting metaphor or simile for beginning the day, and I came up with unwrapping a deck of cards. From there, I had fun describing a day from dawn to dusk in card terms and adages. Enjoy!

The Game of Life


Dawn breaks.

You blink your eyes,

Removing the film from the night before,

Like the crinkly unwrapping of cellophane

Off a new deck of cards–

Crisp and clean and orderly,

Ready to play the game.

Let the day begin,

Feed the kitty,

Shuffle the deck and see

What cards fate has dealt you today.

And off you go,

Playing your hand

Again and again

Scoring points, bidding high,

Some winners, some losers

As noon approaches, then afternoon,

Til night falls

And you flip the deck in the air,

Discarding the jokers of the day,

Still searching for your king,

But now you don’t care,

Let the cards fall where they may,

You’ve done your best,

Retire the deck.

Start fresh tomorrow.

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