PAD 5: Elemental

I missed yesterday because I was both busy and stumped. The prompt was to write an element poem, as in the periodic table. It’s been a long, long while since I’ve studied the periodic table. (Did I ever really study it, come to think?) So, granting myself a day’s grace, I pondered and googled after finally deciding to treat the table like a zodiac. What does the element with the number of the month of your birth say about you?


March babies gravitate to threes,
But lithium is a conundrum.
The least dense of the solid elements,
It speaks of your substance
And perception,

But it is also highly reactive and flammable
Which portends a negative reception
Of this poem,
But since it usually occurs in compounds,
Perhaps you will stick with me yet.

Though lithium itself verges on instability,
It balances others’ anxiety
Just as you bring a calming presence with you.

But your bright lustre shines
Whether or not you are broken,
Nor does it corrode quickly,  and so essentially

You rise above your element.


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