PAD 12:Angry is the New Guilty

Today’s prompt is a guilty poem. Inspired by a naughty student during our Living Stations of the Cross service,  I meditated on our propensity to avoid guilt.

 Angry is the New Guilty

(“Were you there”)

You started right away,

Chatting through the liturgy,

(“when they crucified my Lord?”)

Signaling your friends who may,

Or may not, wish to pray

(“Were you there”)

But are afraid to ignore you and

Look Uncool.

(“when they crucified my Lord?”)

Until you are pulled out,

And sat down beside me.

(“Oh, oh, oh oh”)

You slouch,  cross your arms,

Suck your teeth, and won’t look at the program.

(“Sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble.”)

And when the service is over

(“Where you there”)

You wave your hands

In a motion barely reminiscent

Of the cross.

(“when they crucified my Lord?)

Even here, even now, even today,

You will not accept the blame

For something as simple as

Disturbing the service.

Anger is your shield which

Only keeps you from

Your true self.


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