PAD 9: So Many Poems Left to Write

First it’s a busy day, 

Then it’s a difficult prompt. 

Before you know it, 

There are too many holes

In your Poem-a-Day challenge. 

And you begin to realize why

You have felt so 

Off, so not yourself, 

Because for several days you

Have merely lived. 

You have not reacted

To the world around you

To the world within you;

You have not created

The world through your words, 

And it has thrown you

Off kilter, and

Out of sync. 

And,  it’s not just in April

That there are poems waiting

To be written. 

Every day is an opportunity

To see the world anew, 

To be creative, to be you, 

To change the world. 

That’s the power of poetry. 
(Poem-a-day challenge prompt for April 9th: “So ______”)

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