PAD 14: Quality Time

The implication is that quality

Transcends quantity.

Why go for a lot

When you can go for the best?

But when, really,

Did quality and quantity

Become enemies?

I want a quantity of

Quality time

With you.


(PAD prompt for April 14, 2017: Pick a popular saying, make it the title of your poem, and go.)

PAD 24: As Seasons Roll

From winter to spring, the seasons roll

Every year it has been so,

Every year it will be.

When snow tarries into March or April,

Still we know that spring is coming soon,

The snow won’t last, the days do lengthen,

Bright, breezy days will follow.

We do not question it even though

We cannot see the grass or feel the warmth,

We have faith that Nature will not let us down.

So when we fear and feel afraid of death’s dark door

And what is to come, have faith that

God will not abandon us, and just as surely

As spring follows winter, so too does

Light follow darkness.



(PAD prompt April 24, 2017: Write a faith poem.)

PAD 25: Love in the DoldrumsĀ 

Love’s first flush

Excites the spirit,

And passion ignited

Burns bright and hot;

Reignited, rekindled it

Stirs old blood to 

New or forgotten desire. 

But love in the doldrums

Is sweetest. 

A hand held 

Sitting on a couch

Watching dumb TV


A kind word

An open ear,

Comfort, safety,


Certain too that

The fever will return, 

But in between is 

Not absence, but 


PAD 23: The Last Time I Read Shakespeare

The last time I read Shakespeare, 

I was a different person, 

And yet that was just two weeks ago. 

But the act of reading, changes you, 

And the act of living, and dying,  changes


And sometimes, two weeks

Is a lifetime and still

Not long enough. 

I’d like to return to the hope

Of two weeks ago 

The same way I can

Return to Shakespeare. 
(PAD challenge prompt for April 23, Shakespeare’s birthday,  is “Last_____”)

PAD 20: Task

When the time comes,
You’ll be up to the task
That until this moment
You could not even
But you don’t want
To to know that
You are up to the task
Because that means
The time has come
And he is gone
And you are still here
Handling the tasks at hand.

{April 20th PAD challenge prompt: write about a task.)

PAD 9: So Many Poems Left to Write

First it’s a busy day, 

Then it’s a difficult prompt. 

Before you know it, 

There are too many holes

In your Poem-a-Day challenge. 

And you begin to realize why

You have felt so 

Off, so not yourself, 

Because for several days you

Have merely lived. 

You have not reacted

To the world around you

To the world within you;

You have not created

The world through your words, 

And it has thrown you

Off kilter, and

Out of sync. 

And,  it’s not just in April

That there are poems waiting

To be written. 

Every day is an opportunity

To see the world anew, 

To be creative, to be you, 

To change the world. 

That’s the power of poetry. 
(Poem-a-day challenge prompt for April 9th: “So ______”)

PAD 13: A Family of Friends

Friends,  colleagues grown closer

Over shared supper fresh from the

Oven,  lovingly prepared and always

Delicious.  Silence descends over the

Company when the food is served. Yet, 

Laughter and light and banter and

Understanding pervade the evening and the time

Between our monthly gatherings. 
(The prompt for April 13th is to write a family poem. )

PAD 21: Train

Hear the bells, signalling 

Its arrival.

Clang, clang clang

The gates come down, 

No more access, no entry

No exit. 

Clatter, clatter, clatter

Down the track and into the station.  

The doors whoosh open. 

You step on. 

It takes you where you’re going

But also away from where you are.