PAD 22: Nature

Happy Earth Day! In honor of such, our prompt today is nature. I had a few things going for me as I ruminated on this prompt today. For one, we took the ninth grade students to the Bronx Zoo in celebration of Earth Day. And, it was a beautiful day! And finally, I have been teaching William Cullen Bryant’s “To a Waterfowl” this week. As these three things combined with the Earth Day prompt, I came up with my own message from nature. Enjoy.

Giraffe Lessons

With a long neck extended gracefully,

The giraffe nibbles daintily on the leaves.

Another ambles over to a nearby tree

To chew and ruminate.

Nearby the ostrich jolts its way

Around the savanna,

Unperturbed and unmolested

By its towering neighbor.

The mothers form calving pools

To provide day care for their young.

The males come to play.

Even their form of battle seems benign,

As males engage in necking to claim power.

Few are hurt; fewer die,

And the boys are friends again

When the battle is over.


What is it about the giraffe that seems

Majestic, regal, stately?

Is it his height alone, his quiet manner,

His seemingly calm lifestyle?


Perhaps there is a lesson to learn

From our elongated friends.

Can we stretch ourselves to our

Full height; hold

Our heads high? Let us protect our children,

Leave our neighbors uninjured, and

Ruminate before we act.