PAD 23: The Last Time I Read Shakespeare

The last time I read Shakespeare, 

I was a different person, 

And yet that was just two weeks ago. 

But the act of reading, changes you, 

And the act of living, and dying,  changes


And sometimes, two weeks

Is a lifetime and still

Not long enough. 

I’d like to return to the hope

Of two weeks ago 

The same way I can

Return to Shakespeare. 
(PAD challenge prompt for April 23, Shakespeare’s birthday,  is “Last_____”)


PAD 22: Swan Song

Two swans glided gracefully

Side by side.

Curving their elegant necks

Together into the shape of

A heart, teaching all who would listen

The power of love and loyalty,

And the pain of loss keens

Like our hearts when

Our love leaves this earth.